A water purification company with cutting-edge filter membrane technologies.
OriginWater BiXing Technology develops and provides state-of-the-art water purifiers for homes and offices, connecting customers to healthy drinking water.
The secret of its water purifier lies with its filtering membrane. Independently developed, OriginWater’s DF Web 4.0 membrane can effectively sieve out heavy metals, bacteria, and other harmful substances while retaining all the essential mineral elements. For its nanofiltration technology and four types of membranes, OriginWater earned “National Advanced Technology Second Prize” twice and “Watermark Level 1,” certified by Standards Australia. The company has also applied its expertise to the water treatment of fragile ecosystems across China, as well as the water recycle of China’s Moon training center, Yuegong-1. OriginWater’s Beijing-based research and manufacturing center produces 10 million square meters of microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes and 6 million square meters of nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes annually.




To boost its presence in the market of office-use drinking water devices, OriginWater has launched a purifier rental business model, offering services including complimentary installation, maintenance, filter-replacement, and regular cleaning. The company also employs IoT technology to monitor the functioning of its water purification products around the clock.



$6 → $15

As of September 2018, Beijing OriginWater Technology Co., Ltd. has over $315 million USD in revenue and around $30 million USD in net income. It joined ToJoy in September 2018. Within a month of the partnership, OriginWater signed on with 40 joint-operating partners and received funding of over $1 million USD. The company plans on expanding its footprint globally in the future.